To offer holistic, life-oriented and value-based education with a well-defined focus on academic excellence, wholesome personality development and social relevance addressing the challenges posed by the highly competitive global environment

Our noble mission is to help young minds grow and learn in a homely harmonious environment, where ample opportunities are provided for the child, to experiment with the truth and facts of the life, which resulting in all round development of the child.

Desk of chairman:

Our aim is to develop the education of students belongs to the rural area and especially for the women’s education we have started the Kumaran higher secondary school in 2006. We also gives importance to the parents for how their children wants to become in future with all aspects of Holistic skill based good habits ,sound mind and body of day today development of their wards we trained them with extra care and concern. .

Our Aim is to impart a good quality of education for the students who belong to the rural and urban areas. Under our trust we are administrating the following institutions:

  • Arunesha Arts & Science college
  • Sri Venkatachalapathy college of education for girls. B.Ed,M.Ed.
  • Sri Venkatachalapathy Teachers Training Institution for girls.
  • Aruneshar Teachers Training Institution. (Co-Ed)
  • Arunesha nursery & Primary school
  • Kumaran Higher secondary school.(Both English & Tamil Medium)

Rules and Regulations:

  • All communication shall be addressed to Head of the School. Parents and guardians are requested to see the Notice Board for the announcement. Teachers can be interviewed by the parents only by appointment and with the permission of the Principal. All communications with the teachers should be done only through the Principal. Parents are not permitted to meet their wards/teachers during class hours and contact teachers in their homes.
  • You are requested not to send your ward to school if he/ she is unwell or has an appointment with the doctor. Leaving the school premises during school hours is not permissible under any circumstances. Hence, no gate-pass will be issued.
  • At the time of dispersal, children who avail school Bus/Van facility will not be handed over to the parents either from the Bus/Van queue. If you wish to pick up your ward you must reach school before 03.30 P.M. and contact the reception in this regard.
  • In case of any change in Address/Phone No. inform the school authority immediately.
  • All the books/ notebooks/ workbooks should be covered and labeled properly. Kindly paste tags (name, class and section) on water bottle and school bag.
  • You are requested to send water bottle, napkin and diary to school everyday. In case you wish to give any specific instruction regarding your ward, you may inform at the reception well in time or use the Diary for the same.
  • Politeness, courtesy, good conduct, personal Hygiene& cleanliness shall be practiced at all the time.
  • Regular attendance is the most important element for the successful progress and is also essential to make a child eligible to appear for the final examination.
  • Running, playing and shouting inside the classrooms, school building or corridor are strictly not allowed. Everyone should maintain a quiet and orderly atmosphere in order to have a good learning environment.
  • Full Co-operation from the parents is solicited for the maintenance and furtherance of the standard and discipline of the School.